Re-design the library! (2018)

My starting point is goal 11 of the Sustainable Development Goals: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

In a sustainable community values like inclusion, participation, mutual understanding and collective insight are crucial. Such a sustainable community requires people to develop new competencies like creativity, empathy, collaboration and big-picture thinking. Current processes of the library are still primarily aimed at providing and improving access to information produced by others. Although of great importance, these ‘passive’ processes do not actively stimulate people to share knowledge and insights or to engage in conversations.

So we need to think about a library that aims for a more active role in people’s lives and in the communities that surround them. A library that strives to enrich, empower and inspire people in order to support their full participation in society. But how can this be done? And what would be the effect on the collection and the library space? All public libraries face the same challenge: they need to rethink and rework their processes, spaces and strategies to promote deeper understanding of their collections, greater interactivity and a more meaningful range of activities.

In this seminar we want to investigate the backgrounds of new library concepts and the way we put this into practice.