The library of the 100 talents


Contemporary libraries need to rethink what they have to offer yet hold ground in a time of (cultural) superabundance: a time of too much information, a multitude of media and books, an array of lifestyle choices, too much superficial commercialism, too much to do and many things to maintain. In the apparent profusion of information, media, consumption and activities, there is an opportunity for libraries to step up as important questions are being asked: how do we create richness through abundance? What can be judged as true and meaningful information? What makes particular information special to the person taking it in, using it for his or her own purposes? The librarian could play an important role in these questions but in which way? The library of the future seeks answers to these questions and raises new questions. By thinking up and developing new forms of practice and forward-thinking strategies, the library of the future looks ahead without leaving her roots behind. Children are important for the library of the future since they are the ‘hands-on’ experts when it comes to the use of new and old media. In the Library of the Hundred Talents librarians and children shape the new youth library together by taking a contemporary and imaginative perspective on finding and using information through media. In this way the youth library could become a factory of ideas made by and for children, offering a space wherein talents have room to grow thanks to a library that organizes itself differently.

October 2010 Biblion Publishers released a cassette of three books about this exciting project. It is a bilingual edition: Dutch and English.

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