As a qualified librarian Rob Bruijnzeels has been working in the Public Library sector for many years. He was head of the policy department of the Dutch Public Library Association and founder and 'curator' of an innovative project called Libraries 2040, which in the course of time has developed into a permanent laboratory and a creative learning environment for future libraries. He was responsible for new initiatives, such as The Library of 100 talents (a new concept for the children's library of the future), The Architecture of Knowledge, a cooperation with the Dutch Architecture Institute in which principles for future library architecture are explored and the LibrarySchool, aimed at educating the librarian of the future. Rob wrote numerous books and articles about the future of library work and is a frequent speaker at home and abroad.

Nowadays he is an independent library consultant and also affiliated to the
Ministry of Imagination. The Ministry researches and realizes new types of libraries and library architecture, such as the Chocolate Factory in Gouda (awarded best library in the Netherlands 2015/2016) and the Korenbeurs in Schiedam, al library incorporating a garden that won an award for best interior landscaping project 2015.

Rob is always looking for new inspiration and has a keen eye for developments in related sectors and in society in general. They stimulate him to investigate relationships between new developments and the library sector. He is not afraid to experiment and like to explore possibilities and boundaries and is a analytical and innovative thinker. His main motive is the desire to innovate by looking at the essence of librarian craftsmanship. Besides a thorough knowledge of the public library sector, he has organizational skills and is able to make connections, also with other sectors. Rob has a substantial network of contacts within the sector, as well as with other sectors outside the library world.