Gasteig Munich (2019)

The architect selection for the redesign of the building is now in the final phase. But of course the City Library has to come up with their own plans for the working of the new library and the matching space requirements. The Ministry of Imagination has been asked to support this process. Together with the library staff, a future vision and a matching new work process will be developed. In phase 2 this will be translated into a program of requirements and a spatial layout. An important aim is to create more synergy and creative cooperation between the various partners in the building, which happens to be a speciality of the Ministry.
By the end of 2020, the Gasteig will close its doors and the renovations, costing a few hundred million, will start. It means that for a period of five years, all institutions will be housed at other locations in the city. The front office of the City Library will move to the Motorama complex, a former car showroom that was later transformed into a shopping center. Together with the Concert Hall, the College of Music and Theatre and the Institute for Adult Education, the music department of the Library will move to a complex of five buildings in the Hans-Preißinger-Straße 8 in Munich’s Sendling district. One of these buildings in the so called HP8 complex is Halle E, a monumental warehouse with an impressive industrial look. The building, which also forms the connection with the adjacent temporary Concert Hall, will house the Music Library and part of the Institute for Adult Education.
The Ministry was also asked to develop the design concept for Halle E. Theme of this concept will be 'temporality'. Here the Ministry will create the ideal circumstances for experimenting by using inexpensive materials and an ultra flexible layout. This way Halle E becomes a laboratory for trying out all kinds of new service concepts that can later be realised in a completely renovated Gasteig.
If everything goes according to plan, the new Gasteig will reopen in the autumn of 2025. HP8 must be ready to receive visitors by the end of 2020.