Chocolate Factory (Ministry of Imagination 2014)

Joost Swarte | chocofabriek01+metcirkel

To achieve this, all functions are integrated in an open plan design with an industrial look, softened by wood tones and comfy seating areas. The former chocolate factory has turned into a place of production again. Of knowledge and ideas this time. Why? To remain relevant, libraries and archives need to tap into the collective insight of people and allow their activities and knowledge to become part of the collection. This calls for an inspiring setting where people create and share knowledge and ideas. These processes of inspiration, creation and sharing form the basis of our design philosophy.
Regarding the collection as ‘raw material’ for the production of knowledge, we decided upon compact storage. This left room for various spaces for creation and sharing: the Youth Workshop, based on the theory of multiple intelligences, the Media Workshop for composing multi-media productions, the Print Workshop where craftsmen teach you their skills and a wooden staircase, which also serves as a grandstand.

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