Korenbeurs Library Schiedam (Ministry of Imagination 2015)

The Korenbeurs is now a library with a special feature: a wonderful indoor garden where people can read, relax, enjoy conversations and ‘grow their brains’.
The library is green in more ways than one. Especially for De Korenbeurs, cardboard bookcases and displays were designed that are not only cost-efficient but also reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Like many other cities struggling with increasing store vacancy, Schiedam has much to gain from a lively public space in the historic town centre. Apart from that, the town centre lacks green spaces. With its rectangular courtyard and surrounding gallery, De Korenbeurs strongly resembles a cloister. Since most cloisters have gardens, this soon let to the idea of an indoor garden. In a philosophical way, the garden emphasizes the function of the library as a place of growth. But it’s also a place for contemplation, reading, listening to music or engaging in conversation. Like Cicero once said: "If you have a garden in a library, you have everything you need".